American Art Clay Company


Marketer/distributor of a variety of modeling, sculpting, and mixed media materials. Distribute through art supply stores, craft stores, framers, and more.

Major product lines include:
  • all purpose Air Dry and Self Hardening Clays,
  • Super Dough®,
  • Claycrete® Instant Papier Mache,
  • Sculptamold® Modeling Compound,
  • Wheat Paste and Rice Paste Powders,
  • Plasterform Tape, Crea-Stone Carving Compound,
  • Balsa-Foam®,
  • ArtEmboss® Metal Sheets,
  • WireForm® Wire Mesh,
  • Friendly Plastic® Modeling Pellets,
  • Rub 'n Buff® Metallic Finishes, and more.
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6060 Guion Rd.
Indianapolis, Indiana 46254
United States of America

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