DESIGN MASTER color tool Inc.


Design Master provides the most versatile color sprays for imaginative individuals to change the color of what you have to what you need. Convenient aerosol sprays color both delicate and durable surfaces. From fresh flowers, ribbon, tulle, paper, foam core and Styrofoambrand foam to wood, terra cotta, glass and metal.

Plus so many unique surfaces in-between. And, they're the Quickest Color Around Dries Fastest. That an attribute any busy crafter can appreciate. Choose from vibrant colortool Sprays, rich Metallic finishes, transparent Tint It. dyes, bermatte ultra matte color finish, shimmering Glitter Sprays, plus specialty and accessory sprays.

Color is King at Design Master. We study its intricacies, trends and psychology to offer extraordinary color sprays and accessory products for the many unique applications demanded by creative professionals and imaginative individuals for floral and decorative projects.
Our colors aren’t your wall or sofa colors but the Vibrant Color needed to accent your living. We feature colors that bring flowers, fashion and surroundings to life. Whether creating for everyday, bridal, home accessory, party décor or holiday celebration our color adds the POP and the WOW. The brilliance of our color is a frequently praised attribute with customers.


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